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Why your business processes should start with Industry Standard Processes

06 Feb 2024

Why Your Business Processes Should Start with Industry Standard Processes

In today’s dynamic business environment, efficiency and adaptability are key to staying competitive. For many companies, this means re-evaluating and potentially overhauling their business processes. But does every company need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to creating optimal processes? The answer is a resounding “no.” Here’s why your business processes should start with industry standard practices.

1. Proven Efficacy

Industry standard processes have stood the test of time. They are a culmination of collective wisdom, lessons learned from failures, and best practices gleaned from success stories across the industry. Adopting these processes means benefiting from tried and tested methods that have been proven to work, minimizing the chances of costly mistakes or inefficiencies.

2. Immediate Functionality

One of the primary advantages of leveraging industry standard processes is the immediate functionality they provide. Best business systems are designed around these standard processes, ensuring that you can utilize a deep level of functionality right out of the box. Instead of spending months (or even years) tailoring a system to fit custom processes, companies can get started right away.

3. Minimized Maintenance Costs

Processes that deviate from industry standards can often require specialized training, bespoke software modifications, and continuous updates. All of these add to the cost of maintenance. On the other hand, systems built around industry standards typically have a wider pool of resources available. This means easier access to training, support, and updates, which invariably leads to lower long-term costs.

4. Simplified Scalability

Standard processes are designed with scalability in mind. As your company grows, the foundational processes you’ve adopted can easily be scaled up or adapted without massive overhauls. This simplifies the challenge of growth and ensures that your processes won’t become a bottleneck as you expand.

5. Reduced Business Complexity

Custom processes, while sometimes necessary, can introduce added layers of complexity into a business. This complexity can hinder clear communication, slow decision-making, and even introduce errors. Starting with industry standard processes helps in keeping the business model simple and straightforward, ensuring that everyone, from top-level executives to new hires, is on the same page.

6. Faster Onboarding and Training

With industry-standard processes in place, new employees are often already familiar with the way things work. This shortens the learning curve, reduces onboarding times, and ensures that your team can maintain high productivity levels even as new members join.

In Conclusion

While there’s always a place for innovation and unique business strategies, the foundational processes of a company are often best built on established industry standards. By leveraging the tried-and-true, businesses can hit the ground running, minimize costs, and focus on what truly sets them apart: their unique value propositions, products, and services. Embrace the wisdom of the collective and let industry standard processes be the springboard for your business’s success.

Why your business processes should start with Industry Standard Processes